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Ever since the first versions of the game came out, the fan community has been constantly growing and expanding to new levels of excitement for the franchise. Over the years, there have been multiple installments that blew fans away, one of the being GTA 4. In GTA 4, players took control of Niko, a soviet do-it-all that is fresh off a boat, first time into the United States. GTA 5 is the game that came after that, and it was met with incredible success. Many players went on to call it the best version of the game ever released, which means something if you think that it is competing for that title with titles like GTA San Andreas of GTA Vice City. A very important aspect to the GTA games is the setting in which the game takes place. While no one can forget the iconic Grove Street from San Andreas or GTA 5, many were wondering if they would get to see settings from the previous game. Liberty City has been an iconic city and many would love to return in an HD fashion. This can happen courtesy of a third party developer going by the name of Open IV. Allegedly, Open IV is waiting for Rockstar to give them the go-ahead. If that happens, the developer will bring Liberty City to the GTA 5 Online universe.

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