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Image copyright EPA Image caption Mike Pence's words were an attempt to calm nerves ruffled when President Trump called the alliance 'obsolete' But with so few allies actually meeting the agreed target for defence spending, there was a warning too. "Let me be clear on this point," he stressed, "the president of the United States expects our allies to keep their word to fulfil this commitment and for most that means the time has come to do more". This statement was met with hesitant applause - an indication that many Europeans do not welcome being bullied by the Trump White House. Parochial policies? Earlier, German Chancellor Angela Merkel had emphasised that military spending alone was not the only measure of the Europeans' commitment to security. She calmly - but pointedly - took issue with many of the Trump team's putative policies, noting the importance of international multilateral institutions like the EU and the UN (both of which have been condemned by Mr Trump). Indeed at the end of her speech she seemed to take on the central tenet of the Trump campaign - enshrined in the slogan "America First!" Looking to the future she posed a fundamental question. "Will we be able," she asked, "to act in concert together or (will we) fall back into parochial policies?" One of Europe's greatest fears has been Mr Trump's apparent willingness to do a deal with Moscow - not to mention his evident admiration for Russia's leader Vladimir Putin. Mr Trump's emissaries pretty much convinced their European hosts that on key issues - at least for now - there would be no change.

Owner Robin Lopez always loved shopping in Los Angeles for fashions that are little different than what she finds in Fresno, she says. So her store has that flavor. One day I just took a leap of faith. Robin Lopez, Robin & Co. What does that mean? Suede dresses in pink or tan and off the shoulder sheer pink tops. Sweat pants with cut outs similar to the ones you see in jeans are selling out. There is a even a womans chain shirt made with metallic thread that looks like a designer got his or her hands on a piece of chain mail armor and updated it for a night out. A rack of plus-size tops and dresses is for sale and Lopez expects to have more. Her boyfriend, Jonathan G. Martinez, is

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helping out with the mens side of things, selling tight jeans and tops that are longer in the back than the front.

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