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The company said the latest edition of its Global Traffic Scorecard report was based on 500 terabytes of data from 300 million sources. While Thailand was the world's most congested country in 2016, according to the study, the United States had the worst traffic among rich, developed economies. Five of the world's 10 most congested cities are in the United States, INRIX found. U.S. traffic congestion is not a new problem, but it could get renewed attention if President Donald Trump pushes for a large-scale infrastructure investment program as he has promised. Chronic traffic jams are a concern for global automakers, and some major cities have begun to limit private motor vehicle access to central city areas. The INRIX study sliced data in different ways. Los Angeles drivers spent an average of 104 peak drive-time hours fighting slow traffic during 2016. That put Los Angeles at the top of the list of cities where drivers spent the most hours stuck in slow rush hour traffic. But on a different measure, time stuck in congestion as a share of all driving, Moscow drivers had it worse. They spent 25.2 percent of their total driving hours on congested roads, while Los Angeles motorists spent 12.7 percent of their total driving time in slow traffic, the study found.

That is particularly true of the luxury space where brands like Celine, Louis Vuitton and Kate Spade have all cast women of a certain age in their campaigns. Think Charlotte Rampling, 69, for Nars; Jessica Lange, 65, for Marc Jacobs Beauty; Joan Didion, 80, for Celine; Joni Mitchell, 71, for Saint Laurent; and Iris Apfel, 93, for Kate Spade. Is the world of fashion and beauty finally embracing older women? Its not just high-profile names that are getting in on the action, with baby boomers who wore the likes of Biba, Mary Quant and Ossie Clark starting to wear the same lively styles as their daughters and granddaughters. Take Helen Van Winkle, aka Baddie Winkle, aka the baddest granny around. At 88, shes not you average nana. Oh no, Baddie is an out-and-out Instagrandma. With almost 3 million followers, she uses the account to boast her trippy style, proving that you can wear crop tops, mini skirts and multi-coloured fur at any age - if you want to. With a wardrobe of acid brights and blingtastic accessories, Baddies personal style has caught the eye of many a fashionista, including singer Miley Cyrus who invited her to attend the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards as her guest. And, its even earned her a spot as the new face of online brand Missguided, a teenage favourite. So what does this rise in elderly fashion gurus tell us? The fact that these women were young at a time that confronted traditional female roles shouldnt go unnoticed.

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What will his role as national security adviser involve? The role involves serving as an independent adviser to the president on issues of national security and foreign policy. It is one of the most senior roles in the US government. Observers say the role's influence varies from administration to administration, but the adviser is seen as one of the president's key confidantes. The adviser attends the National Security Council, and may act as a broker between different government departments. The role is not subject to US Senate confirmation. Why did his predecessor step down? Image copyright Reuters Image caption Michael Flynn was forced to resign after just three weeks in the role Gen Flynn stepped down after misleading Vice-President Mike Pence over his conversations with Russia's ambassador to the US. Mr Flynn is alleged to have discussed US sanctions with Russia's ambassador in calls before his own appointment. It is illegal for private citizens to conduct US diplomacy.