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This is troubling. But far more disqualifying are her attempts to paint a public education system that has given millions of students the tools to succeed as a "dead end," doomed forever because "government sucks." Public charter schools are a crucial part of the nation's educational future. They serve as laboratories for innovation and as alternatives to a "one size fits all" system. But without rigorous vetting and oversight, both of which DeVos and her allies have fought bitterly in Michigan, charter schools are invitations to disaster for students and communities. Where public schools get poor results, extremely limited voucher programs with strict guidelines could make sense to help low-income students pay for private school tuition. Voucher programs are hard to design without causing damage, partly because they take money from public schools and tend to leave the most expensive-to-teach kids, students achieving below grade level or those with special needs, in the public systems. But where public schools are horrid, and proven private or parochial schools can provide great educations at fair prices, the option shouldn't be dismissed. But what DeVos has championed is a much broader system of public dollars following students to private schools, a view that supports tax money paying the tuition of families who send their children even without the vouchers. That would greatly undermine public education see here as a whole, leaving public schools with the most difficult-to-educate students and private schools with the money and the easiest-to-teach kids.

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But, Trump's definition of sanctuary jurisdictions does not match the language used by places like Rochester, which has called itself a sanctuary city for about three decades. And, with a few additional tweaks suggested by state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, it will seem like even more of an apples to oranges comparison. Rochester and most sanctuary cities have just decided to leave the business of immigration control to federal authorities. The resolution directs city employees to "to exclude refugee status as a consideration in their daily activities and routine dealings with the public." It is kind of like a "don't ask, don't tell," policy. So when the feds start pressing for information about immigrants, Rochester simply won't have any to offer up. The designation is important to many people in Rochester whose moral compasses point to compassion for others who, more likely than not, have faced hardship and struggle. They have turned to the land of liberty "send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door" and Rochester to find something better for themselves and their families. So, when Trump speaks loudly and forcefully about cracking down on immigrants who are criminals, and places like Rochester defiantly dig in their heels to protect those at the margins of society, both are making statements that reflect their priorities. They are instigating public debate, and drawing passionate responses. At best, this helps lead to a more informed citizenry, one that is reading news reports and commentary, learning about how the law works and gaining insight into the lives of immigrants.

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